Year End Competition

1.       The competition year runs from May through April. 

2.       Image competition:  At the end of the competition year, there will be a Year End competition.  The entries are the monthly winners in each category.  All prints and digital images which won (HM and above) in monthly competition are to be brought to the April general meeting.   Digital entries will be handled automatically and do not need to be resubmitted .  A separate Year End judging will take place (offsite at a later date) to award top honors in each category.  Images submitted for Year End must be the same entry that won unless the print has become damaged.  An identical reprint may be substituted.  Submissions will be returned at the June meeting.

3.       Top 5 points:  The accumulated points in each category will be tallied at Year End.  Awards will be given for the 5 highest totals in each category.   This may be reduced to Top 3 in categories with lower participation rates. 

4.       Make-up:  If you missed one or more competition nights, you may make up entries in the last month of the Competition year, April, to count toward the Top points honors.  You can enter up to 2 make-up entries for each category except themes.  You cannot exceed the maximum entries for the year in any category.  Make-up entries are not eligible for honors or for the year-end competition.  The entries must be clearly marked on the entry form or digital title as make-ups.

5.       Year End awards are announced at the annual banquet in late May or early June.

6.       Year End will follow the same method of honors as the monthly meetings, i.e. tie breaking only for First Place.


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