Entry Preparation


1.       Prints must be securely mounted on a stiff mount board.  Frames or glass are not allowed.

2.       Size (all categories except Panoramic):  Mount board must be between 11”x14” and 16”x20”.  The image may be any size that fits on the board.

3.       Size (Panoramic): Mount board must be between 12”x19” and 20”x36”.  The maximum print size is 14.4”x36”.  The print must conform to the aspect ratio rule for the category regardless of board size (width divided by length is 2.5 or greater).  

4.       Prints labels are supplied by the club and must be completed and affixed to the back of each entry, preferably in the top left corner.  If a mount board is recycled, previous labels on the board must be clearly crossed out, or removed. 

5.       Entry forms supplied by the club shall be filled out at the time of submission.

Digital Projected

1.       Format:  Images must be in jpg format.  The competition is run on a Windows PC and files must be readable on that format.

2.       Size:  Images must be sized to a maximum width of 1920 pixels and a maximum height of 1200 pixels.  Oversized images will be automatically downsized by the competition software.  

3.       File Size:  There is no restriction on the file size.  It is recommended that you save images with “high quality” jpg for best effect.   The resulting files should generally be between 200KB and 3MB.   Smaller file sizes may suffer quality loss due to compression.

4.       Color Space:  sRGB is the recommended color space to render properly. 

5.       Entry Method:  Entries must be uploaded to the website in the proper competition category. 

6.       Entry Deadline: Digital images must be uploaded to the website no later than midnight of the Thursday prior to the club meeting.   If you  have any problems uploading, contact the chairperson of the competition committee for assistance.

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