Themes for the 2022-2023: 

May '22: Phoenix Area at Night

June '22: Water

July '22: Lone Tree

August '22: Sense of Scale

September '22: Food (ACCC theme) - Food images should be of human food. Beverages can accompany food, but are not food in and of themselves.

October '22: Person(s) at Work - Person(s) in their workplace that capture the essence, emotion, and character of a profession/job.

November '22: Shadows - The primary subject and central focus should be shadows cast to form lines and shapes, not a backlit or underexposed subject.

December '22: Sporting Event - Any scene related to a sporting event—professional, amateur, animal or youth. The image should clearly convey presence at a sporting event.

January '23: Nightscapes (ACCC theme) - A nighttime landscape or cityscape. Sunset colors in the sky not allowed.

February '23: Waterfalls - A cascade of water falling from a height, formed when a river or stream flows over a precipice or steep incline

March '23: US National Park - Any image from one of the 63 US National Parks that captures the essence of that park. Images from National Monuments, Recreation Areas, Historic Parks or State Parks not allowed.

April '23: Current Field Trips (April 2022- March 2023)

Themes for 2023 - 2024:

May 2023: Sand - Sand as the central focus/subject of the picture

June 2023: Eyes -Eye or Eyes should be central focal point of the image.

July 2023: 4TH of July  - Images related to the celebration of Independence Day

Aug: 2023 Balloons -Images where the main subject is balloon(s), any type of balloon.

Sep 2023: Bridges (ACCC) -Images where the main subject is a man-made bridge or bridges.

Oct 2023: Broken - Image of something broken.

November 2023:  Ruins -Images of a structure(s) in abandonment or decay.

December 2023:  Phoenix Area Architecture -Images highlighting architectural features of the Phoenix Metro Area

January 2024: Photojournalism (ACCC) -Journalism in which a news story is presented through photographs.

February 2024: Doors and Windows — An image where the primary subject is either a door(s) and/or a window(s) of a dwelling

March 2024: Macro -An image showing a subject larger than it is in real life-- a close-up of something small.

April 2024 Club Field Trips -Images from a PCC Club field trip taken between April 2023 and March 2024

Themes for 2024 - 2025: 

May 2024: Thinking in Threes -Images using three of something as a key element of the composition

June 2024: Animal Humor -Make us laugh with animal images. Images should include animal(s) doing something humorous.


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