Themes for 2024 - 2025: 

May 2024: Thinking in Threes -Images using three of something as a key element of the composition

June 2024: Animal Humor -Make us laugh with animal images. Images should include animal(s) doing something humorous.

July 2024: "Castles"

August 2024: "Seascapes"

September 2024: "Sports" (ACCC Fall Roundup Theme)

October 2024: "Long Exposure"

November 2024: "Barns"

December 2024: "Church - Place of Worship"

January 2025: "Flowers" (ACCC Spring Roundup Theme)

February 2025: "Silhouettes"

March 2025: "Marketplace"

April 2025: "Club Field Trips"

Themes for 2025-2026: 

May 2025: "Waterfalls"

June 2025: "Lighthouses"

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