Ethics of Competition

Images entered in PCC Competitions are to be original artwork, conceived and exposed only by the photographer.   This includes making any set-ups as well as any posing or arranging of the subject/model and lighting.  

General Rules 2018-2019 Competition Year

1.       Members in good standing are eligible to compete.  Associate members are not eligible.

2.       Two entries per category are permitted, up to a total of twelve entries per month.

3.       You may choose to compete in either the A or B class.  You do not need to compete in the same class in prints and digital.  Once chosen, you may not switch during the competition year. 

4.       Authorship:  All entries in all categories must originate as a photographic image (film or digital) exposed by the entrant.  Direct copies of 2-Dimensional artwork such as paintings, drawings, or another photographer’s work by themselves are ineligible but may be a minor part of a composition. 

5.       No computer generated graphics or drawings are allowed in any category including Creative.   Narrow single-color borders generated by extending canvas are allowed.  

6.       Re-submission:  Any entry that receives an award in a PCC competition may not be re-submitted in the same Division (print or digital) in any category.  No entry may be submitted more than 2 times in any one category.    Any image which is substantially the same as an award winner is also ineligible to be submitted in the same category.   The maximum honors any image can receive in the club is 2 (one in print, one in digital).

7.       Manipulation rule for categories except Theme, Creative and Nature:   Adding any element or object to an image that was not in the original capture is not allowed, by any technique.   Skies may not be replaced.   Artistic filters are not allowed (such as motion blurs, liquefying, water color effects and the like). 

a.       Allowed:  Multiple exposures of the same scene may be stacked for purposes of HDR, increasing depth-of-field, or stitching together a panoramic. 

b.      Theme, Nature and Creative:  Please refer to the Category descriptions. 

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